Today. Begin.

It’s easy to put things off.
Until tomorrow.
Until Monday.
Until some other time.
But why?

Begin today.
On a Friday.
Don’t wait on Monday.
Or the beginning of the month
Or some other time

If you want to wake up at the crack of dawn and run into the sunrise,
Do it.
If you want to write love letters to the world,
Do it.
Don’t wait on anyone.

Do it when you feel like it.
Because tomorrow,
You may not be up for it.
Tomorrow, you may be in a bad mood.
Maybe tomorrow, you’ll be busy.
Maybe something won’t turn out as planned.
Maybe something will throw off your schedule.

But today.
Today is now.
Do it now.

We wait.
We wait all our lives.
To say things we want to say.
To love people.
To pursue something that tugs at our hearts.
To meet the sunrise.
To photograph the sunset.

And we make excuses.
Every day.

Things will always come up.
Don’t let them stop you,

As my favorite person says, quit something on a Thursday.
And I say, begin something on a Friday.

Begin. Today.

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