Letting go of fear.

How many of us are afraid of something? The lists are countless, I’m sure.
But let’s talk about not the fear of trying or doing something, but the fear of giving up something? Even something bad. The bad that we Know in our heart is bad.  Giving up on an empty relationship, giving up a job, giving up smoking, giving up judging, giving up trying to be perfect.
I’ve made up my mind to give up on a dog I’ve recently adopted. Even as I write this, I am somewhat afraid, of what exactly I’m not sure, but have an inkling about – the usual culprits, culprits of judgement, fear of looking like a failure, fear of seeming unkind, not trying hard enough, seeming unloving. All. False. Statements. I know better. I know none of those things are true.
I have set in the quiet, and thought in the quiet, and the wisdom that speaks to me, is that he is not meant for me. I did not pick a dog based on love, I picked a dog based on fear of saying no. I picked a dog, that I let someone else, who knows nothing about me, lead me to believe was good for me.
Perhaps it is not time, perhaps I need a cat, or have not found the right dog. I’m not sure. But I am sure that things are not timed based on my worldly perception of time. The Universe has shown me time and time again how well it’s timing really is. So I will allow the Universe work on it’s own time.
I will let go of this fear.
I will learn to say no, because I am the only person that knows what’s better for me. I will learn to say no, so that I can say yes to things that matter. Say yes to things that are true for me in my heart. I will risk rejection, and I will risk judgement. And I will be ok.

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