The “N” Word

Body Karma

“I need I need I need I need.” How many times per day do we have these thoughts? The “I need _______,” thoughts. How often do these thoughts imply that we need _______ to be happy? The latter is what concerns me most. We’re human, we’re going to consistently fall victim to the belief that we need x, y and z (because there are things we need in order to sustain life…air, water, food, love). But, being creatures of habit, we often snowball those basic human needs into big, crushing, often unfulfillable avalanches of want. Therein lies the difference…need versus want.  

So often I hear someone at the coffee shop say, “Ineedadoubleextrahotvanillachainonfatlattenofoam.” All in one big breath, the word need exhaled emphatically, the rest a jumble of desire. When I first moved out on my own the first position I was offered in my desperate job hunt was a cashier at…

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