Pieces of a bigger pie.

We are all pieces of the pie, not the whole thing.

A resonating theme with me lately has been “I am”. And I’m becoming a little perturbed at my own self. The thoughts I keep having of who am I? What is my purpose? What am I doing, not doing? Are essential. In moderation. 
I am what I think. 
Or I am what I think I do.
Don’t Count. 
I am what I do.
So what am I not doing? 
And what am I doing?
I am living and I am here. That’s a start.

I believe the reason I have even come on to sounding like a broken record in my thoughts is not necessarily coming from a bad place, it’s coming from the digging at oneself, which is necessary, but it’s not the whole pie. While I dig to rediscover myself and bring myself closer to the Spirit, what am I doing? Actually doing?

Having watched multiple episodes and shows yesterday, with themes revolving around the Universe as a whole. On God. On Yoga. On self, reiterated the nudging of my inner/higher self to ask me, what the purpose of me digging at myself is and what greater good will come of it? What actions am I taking in the meantime, as I’m sitting around contemplating life. As contemplation happens, so does life. All around me. Every day. In precious moments. 

Another resonating phrase that is brought to mind, is “be like Jesus”. Not just talk about it, or think about it. But go and be him, figuratively speaking. (Something I had borrowed away from Bob Goff). This phrase has planted a seed in my heart and mind. It’s a good reminder that my consciousness holds on to to throw at me when I get consumed by “me”.
Practice what you preach. Act. Do. Be.

And in being, WE become.
We are all part of a greater whole. We are all interconnected. And we were designed that way. We were not designed to be alone.
We are meant to be part of each other’s lives. It is a theme resonated in nature, not just something someone made up.  

In essence, the essential I, the I am that brings us closer to God/Enlightenment and the answers of the Universe are enveloped in all this. We seek the “who I am”, so we can be it.  

God and the Universe are not an either or, they are one and the same.
We are not either or. We are one and the same.

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