Courage. Thankfulness. Presence.

It’s all about finding your courage.
That love of God that lives within you. The pure intent of your heart. It’s about losing your courage every single night, and finding grace every single morning. I find it when I say thank you each morning. Sometimes I’m half asleep, so I just say thank you. For nothing in particular. For everything all at once. Thank you for everything. I gain my courage when I look at the sunrise. This. This is made for me. Every single day. I smile.
I don’t think I have more courage than other people. There are a million other people that have a lot more of it than I do. But every time I am afraid and I step outside of the fear. Out of my comfort zone. Out of that box. I look fear straight in the face. And it is nowhere near as scary as I make it out to be in my head. What am I afraid of? Judgement? Failure? Trying too hard? Not trying hard enough? But the intent of my heart is goodness. So I press on. God. Is. With me. HE. loves me. I am ok. I am loved. I have no fear.
There’s a sense of peace that comes from that. A sense of presence. I am present. I feel present. I am a lot more present than I have ever been.
I am here. We are here.

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