Beauty. Seasons. Presence.

What I realized on my drive to work this morning…

That God unravels each day to us in beauty, for us to marvel at, if for no other reason than to just see something beautiful. So what is the point of beauty, you may ask. What is it’s purpose? It is to just to be. To be beautiful. It is not practical, but yet it is, because it’s necessary, because it relaxes us and reminds us why life is worth living.
Spring has settled in. And most of the blooming trees have changed over from bright whites to lush greens. It always seems like this happens so fast. Each year. No different than the rest. And it is always in this spurt of time that I realize just how fast life happens, and how important it is to be present. 
Every day this spring, I made sure to breathe in each day, to notice the nature around me, the pastures, the clouds, the sunrise, the trees blooming. I am almost a little sad the trees have stopped gracing my eyes with their colors, but I’m grateful I got to see them. I’m grateful for life’s vibrant colors. 

I am also grateful I could be present. I am often so concentrated on what’s ahead, what’s about to happen, that I don’t fully experience what is in front of me. I could look forward to when I don’t have to set out on a 30 minute drive to work, or when it’s warmer in the summer, but in that I am always looking ahead and missing the moment. So I soak it up. I am here.

Even just the fact that there are seasons is beautiful. If we only take the time to be present in them and allow them to gently shape us.
Everything Is Everything
What is meant to be, will be

After winter, must come spring
Change, it comes eventually

Nature just happens. It doesn’t procrastinate but it doesn’t force itself. It blooms, and grows and falls asleep, and it happens. I think we can all learn from that. To be present in this moment, to pick up each day anew and to take off running with it, instead of waiting for some opportune “right” time. We are given that will, to make things happen, to make life happen, our life.

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