The precious balance of give and take.

On taking a break from CrossFit, starting up piano, and balancing real life. 

As important as it is to stand out as an individual and do things that define you as one, it is also important to realize that there will be times when you will have less time to do some things, and more time to do other things. You can’t do everything you want to do all at once. 
Pick and choose what is important right here and right now. What can wait. What you can live without, what you can’t. What gives you substance and keeps you grounded? Don’t ever let go of those. Nourish them. Take note of when that precious balance is rattled. Learn to recognize it. 
However to try something new, you may have to give up something old, or at least let go a little.

I used to try to do everything all at once. I’d be a fool if I still believed that. Maybe it’s not even a matter of completely giving up on something, but leaving it alone for a little while to come back to it with a different perspective, angle, or simply more rest. We become consumed by our passions, and sometimes one has to let go for a little while to revive that passion and grow new ones.

We are always growing and changing. Picking and choosing and letting go is part of that growth. That which grows you or pushes you to grow is that which you should pursue. 

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