Poetry in motion

(Somewhere along the lines of trying to be poetic and meditative, and trying to connect all the dots of various concepts in my mind. If you can follow, then read along.)

Find what makes you come alive. Do more of that. The world needs more of that.

Fall in love. With a person. With a place. With an instrument. With a practice. Fall and let yourself go. Let go with reckless abandon. Lose yourself in the hum of your breath.
Feel it. Pour your whole being into it. Become one. Wrap it around you. Fill up your lungs and breathe it out. Breathe in that desire for that thing and let it go, let it circulate in your bones. Let it open up your mind. Swim in it, jump out, immerse yourself, share it, dive back in, fall, get back up, stumble. Don’t try to keep it. Hold the desire in your heart, but freely let the thought go.
Keep tugging at the perfection of being imperfect. A non perfect balance of losing your inhibition leaving only a tiny slice of your mind to stay present. Breathe. Let go. Let the dream immerse you. Let it water the garden of your thoughts. Fall in love with it and let it go. Light – like a balloon or a bird’s feather dipping in the waves of the wind. Free it out into the open.

The broken pieces of yourself, take those, and rebuild. Our greatest fears and despairs are our greatest motivators.
The want in your heart was planted there for a reason. It is a seed planted by God. What you do with it is entirely in your hands. You can make that your life or you can brush it aside. You can choose to lose faith or you can harbor and kindle the tiny flame until it burns bright as the sun.
Once you have made up your mind, the Universe conspires in mysterious ways to make it happen.
Be sure to listen. Be sure to hone your senses so that when it is at your fingertips, ever so gently brushing past you, you notice. Place it in the palm of your hand. Nurture it. Protect it from the elements, but never close it off from the light. Don’t make a fist while holding that precious seed inside your palm. Love it each day, anew, as though each day, for the first time. Remember what kindled the flame. Meditate on that each morning. Each time your mind starts telling you it’s old or no longer interesting. Nurture that interest daily. Then let that thought go.
Do that which speaks to your heart, that makes you feel glad you are alive. Imagine a world so beautiful the angels would sing. Hold on to that thought. Cherish that beautiful world in your mind. For that is what you will create. That is what you will find. That is what you will attract. Believe you are worthy. Believe with all your might. Believe when you don’t want to believe. Believe with the spirit of your soul.

Life takes balance and moderation. ( I read that somewhere today). Patience. We are forever teetering on the scale of life.
The beauty of falling in love with something is learning it for the first time. The joy in hitting the notes and making a melody, the joy in losing and catching your breath.
The trick to staying in love is remembering what made you fall in love in the first place and to keep learning it, and relearning it.

A river to be a river has to flow. It is not stagnant. It is never the same, yet it is always a river. Keep moving. Keep learning. And keep loving.

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