Random stuff inspired by the school of positive thinking and other stuff.

Inspired by various conversations and Ralph’s school of positive thinking, and deciding to share with the world what I think, feel or experience despite how silly I may sound. It’s Thursday. A day to quit whatever you want. So I quit fearing what people may or may not think. I write because it makes me feel better.

Being sensitive makes you vulnerable. Very. But it makes you more open to know what is truly meant for you, because your spirit is more pure and childlike. (requoted in my own words from Sunday’s sermon)

I’ve always had a hard time being comfortable in my own skin, accepting the way that I am and not seeking the approval of others, fast forward a few “adult” years later, and thoughts of not coming off as clingy, overly loving, too optimistic, too impulsive have been added on to the mix. I’ve learned, for the most part, to accept the way that I am, to embrace it, to love it. But that’s not how our minds work, thoughts of “you’re not right the way you are” always find their ways through the cracks of our consciousness and subconsciousness.

One thing I can be proud of, is staying true to my heart. No matter, how irrational, or impulsive, I have followed it all the way to where I am right this second. Perhaps I took a longer route, and some shortcuts I shouldn’t have, but it has served me well.

It is one of the most frightening things to put your whole being on the line, without questioning, “What will people think?” Who cares what people will think. The right people will love all of your weirdness.

I’d like to think that I’m there – I don’t care what people think. Oh, but I do. Sometimes I question whether I should or shouldn’t do something, just because of that very fact. I as I am have an innate desire to give myself to the world, to people, to being sensitive to all that is around me, to soak it up, breathe it in, and to breathe it out, to share what I feel with people, to love people.
It’s uplifting yet very vulnerable. Our hearts are fragile things, and our egos are always hoisting themselves upright.

Kindness and love are always rewarded in the best possible way, in the way that God feels is best for us, and for our better selves. Love comes from all kinds of places, all kinds of people, all kinds of times. Randomly. BUT, as there is so often a but, you have to be open to receive it. Your hands have to be open. You can’t grab on to anything, if they’re full of stuff, or if you’re clenching your fists fighting something. The more open you are, the more that can come to you, that’s just the way the Universe works. That’s the way God works. God listens and the Universe rewards us and when it happens in the quiet of daily routine, it is one of the most beautiful and enlightening moments.

From this stems positivity, a positive life. Positive thinking does not happen overnight. It must be cultivated, it must be felt, experienced, passed on. It must overflow from the brim of your being without a second thought.

You must choose to feel love, despite what you think you want to feel. When you choose that, that’s when positive thinking truly happens, in that moment that you choose to feel it.

In doing that, in all this, you are giving someone else out there permission to do the same. From this, they can gather courage to do the same. Be open to strangers in coffee shops, be open to people passing you by on the street. Just be open.

Give love and leave your hands empty so love has room to come back to.

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2 Responses to Random stuff inspired by the school of positive thinking and other stuff.

  1. Ralph Martin says:

    I am very proud of your Freedom of Spirit to express the expression of God you feel inside of yourself….. Thank you for sharing your expressed freedom…… Ralph Martin

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