After 3 plus years I’m finally starting to get it.  
After reading numerous blog accounts, and all the talk of self growth through and with yoga, I think I get it. 

Breathing into my mat in a downward dog a few weeks ago, I actually felt one with mat. I understood what it meant to spread it apart with my hands and feet. 
Savasana and balancing lets me know if I’m frazzled in my head or feeling off balance in life on that particular day. If I see nothing in Savasana I know my head is too full. If I can’t keep a balancing pose, that I usually can, I know something is off. 
This week after feeling stiff and uncomfortable the entire time, I walked out feeling like a new person, I literally felt lighter. 
All this “come out of your shoulders” talk during class, make sense, you learn discomfort to be comfortable later. At least that’s what it’s been for me. 
It forces me to quiet down, myself, my mind, my life. Not every class is good. No class is like the other. I don’t always have yoga epiphanies, but I’m grateful for the ones thus far. 
It reminds me to breathe, on and off the mat. You’d be surprised how many times you notice holding your breath throughout the day, when you’re stressed, irritated, cold, or just because. As I write this, I remind myself to breathe. 
I hope this continues, I hope I have something more to write down the line. I hope I can put into words and give the experience justice. 


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